Friday, July 29, 2011

old family photos

Around the same time I had that roll of found photos processed, I had some rolls I had laying around in my basement processed, low and behold they were personal family photos from when I was younger. I was overjoyed when I found these little treasures, my little time traveling box. There are over 100 photos here.

my mom

cousins on my dad's side

nana and auntie debbie

uncle reddy and i, i think.. some of these were double exposed, ha

pa, uncle danny, and great nana (inez with her two sons)

pa, uncle danny, myself, and great nana

aw, baby randy. i miss him.

cousin dan, niki, me, auntie patty

me and dan

auntie patty and me


me, dan, and uncle bill

randy and niki


these are from cast-away key in bahamas from the disney cruise

dan on the mickey slide

me on the mickey slide

snow in pa's backyard with dan and dad

snow in pa's backyard with dan and dad

animal kingdom, disney world

dad and i with lego man

me and minnie

mom, me, and goofy

me and pluto

nana, mickey, and uncle freddy

mom, mickey, and i

hotel time

beauty and the beast

gladys knight


haha, uncle freddy, auntie debbie, auntie patty, and myself on the plane


dan, me and dad

home sick



auntie patty, nana, and uncle bill

auntie patty, nana, and uncle bill

uncle freddy and mom

nana and me

dan and i

dan, me, greg

dan, me



me and dad lurking in the back, haha

more from animal kingdom, disney

the rest of these are mostly of lucas and myself when we were younger, and some of our cat jack we had and from a flute recital i had in the 5th grade and from one of lucas' birthday parties.

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